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The powerful story of how James started Food By The Word.

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Okay. You know, food by the word it was for is actually four years ago, yesterday was the fourth anniversary of food by the word God, birth food by the word and Timmy. At the time. And this was, um, in 2016, um, in 2016, I had, I had gotten, let go from a job from, I was an operation manager for, um, a moving company.

And, you know, it was, it was very interesting. It was interesting what God was doing at the time, because we sat down and we like, you know, don’t feel like you’re a good fit here, you know? So we decided to part ways and that’s the conversation and I didn’t disagree. And so I knew something, you know, we both knew at that time.

And so, but after a month I went home that day. No, no, no game plan other than, okay. I got to get on the thing. So after a month, after a month, finding nothing, finding another, putting everything out there after a month. And a lot of soul searching. Um, one of my grandpa, my fifth grandchild was born. It was born on the 9th of September and on the 14th, as I’m sitting there thinking, you know, I need a legacy for my, for my.

For my family, for my children, for my grandchildren. And it never, it never really dawned on me because I had planned, you know, working career and, you know, and so forth going forward. I never thought about having my own business, but as I sat there, it was September the 14th, 2016, and I’m sitting there, you know, and I’m thinking, you know, you know, God, you know, I wish people would just, you know, eat better.

Eat better, you know, eat just the way the God, you know, just the way that you made it for it, you know, and God birthed food by the word, enemy me at that moment and said, this is what you do. So initially, initially my plan was to open up a deli, a deli style restaurant, deli style sandwiches. Cause I love daily style sandwiches, but everything was going to be all natural and organic, you know, um, the best stuff for us.

So as I started down the rabbit hole of developing food by the word. That day in the business and the concept and everything I started to learn. Okay. What do I need to do to open up a restaurant now I’ve run and managed other restaurants for another because he’s been in the industry for years. Oh yeah, yeah.

Oh yeah. You know, and so I know everything there is to know about running a business, but I’ve never started a business. That’s a whole nother animal. And so I’m like, okay, well I need to find out everything I need to do to get this business up and running.

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