What Does Organic Collaboration Look Like?

Organic Collaboration Indianapolis, IN

Over the past 2 weeks, something truly special happened in our building here at Refinery46, and we were able to witness the full circle experience.

A long-time member of ours, Capitan Appliance, has wanted to create a central location where they can store used appliances to train their new technicians onsite rather than sending them to shadow an experienced technician. When a new technician shadows an experienced one, the company is basically paying 2 people to do 1 persons job, it is a costly and inefficient system.

Leveraging Refinery46 Connections

Having had multiple conversations about this over the years, our CEO was scrolling Zillow when a unique property down the street came on market that he knew needed to be shared with the Capitan team. The property consists of a fully renovated house and a uniquely perfect 4 car garage that could be repurposed into the long-desired technician training space. The property is zoned commercial and is located along the Nickel Plate trail, truly walking distance from Refinery46, so the team can operate their business, rent out the house if they would like, and still keep their HQ at Refinery46. It is basically a commercial “house-hack” where they get the space they need for their business and allow the house to cover the mortgage, a massive win-win!

After our CEO shared the property and talked buying strategy, Capitan began to leverage the broader R46 community. They reached out to their realtor at Roots Realty, also an R46 member, to go tour the property and tapped Indiana Home Remodel, also an R46 member, to come with them to estimate the garage to training space buildout. A few phone calls and a night to sleep on it later, the offer was submitted!

This isn’t a lengthy or over the top testimonial, but it is a powerful demonstration of organic collaboration that comes from being part of a true entrepreneurial community. Being in a community where others are mindful of you, listen to your desires and needs, and excitedly take action to help you achieve them is more than what most of us experience, let alone ask for from our workspace or office building. However, this is just an everyday occurrence at Refinery46 where abundance mindsets rule and your success is the community’s success.

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If you want to work from somewhere that is full of people who will believe in you and actively support you, I’m not sure you can find a better landing spot than Refinery46. Whether you have an office of any size or just a coworking membership, you can be part of our thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and work better with us. Serving Indianapolis, IN, and surrounding areas, contact us or request a tour by giving us a call at (317) 434-4039.