We offer plenty of amenities for members. Check out our list below to learn more!

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Membership Amenities

All membership levels come with full access to the building and the following is a list of the majority of amenities provided.

SEO Friendly Business Address

An SEO friendly business address that can be registered with Google to access the Broad Ripple and Indy proper areas in relevant Google Searches.

High-Speed Internet

Free high-speed internet, with Start-up Offices and up having hardline internet access.

Unlimited Bookings

Unlimited booking of our (2) call rooms, (2) meeting rooms, podcast studio, and boardroom.

24/7 Access

24/7 access to the building.

Free Coffee

Free locally roasted coffee and produced kombucha.

Free Parking

60 car free parking lot behind the building.

Training Room Bookings

Training Room bookings are free for business purposes from Monday - Friday. *Members receive a 50% discount on renting the event venue (Training Room and Café) for personal events.

Free Printing

Members have access to free day-to-day printing for every office need.

Free Access

Free access to attend internal and external networking groups, masterminds, and events.

Flexible Workspace

3 floors of flexible workspace.

Ability to Customize

For office members, the ability to customize their offices with paint and fixtures as desired.

No Utility Payments

No utility payments for office members at the Team Office/Studio level and below.

Event Amenities


Café occupancy up to 60 people. Training Room occupancy up to 100 people.


No catering restrictions. Café comes with a kitchenette (sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine). Extra large island for setting up food.

Diverse Table Options

(10) 8’ rectangular foldable tables. (6) 4’ rolling wood tables. (3) small round cast iron tables. (2) 8’ rolling bar height tables.

Diverse Seating Options

80 black conference chairs. Booth seating. Bar seating. Couch seating.

Presentation Options

(2) 65” TVs and (1) 50” TV in the Training Room. SONOS speakers in Café. Rolling whiteboards.

No ADA Accessibility

No ADA accessibility in the building.

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