Co-Working Space in Indianapolis

Co-Working Space in Indianapolis Has Plenty of Options – Find Out the Refinery46 Difference

Since the launch of the Speakeasy in Broad Ripple in 2012, it seems like co-working in Indianapolis has taken off. As a response to workforce changes, co-working offers a fantastic combination of space to work and focus with a collaborative culture when it makes sense.

While almost all of the Indianapolis area co-working spaces are geared toward the younger generation, with an emphasis on technology companies, Refinery46 in South Broad Ripple has a focus on all the other types of companies that want a cool space to grow.

The idea for Refinery46 was born out of its founders Jesse and Brian growing their primary company Homesense Heating and Cooling. In the first 7 years of Homesense, it moved 5 times. Dealing with the issue of finding “right-sized” space for the company but not wanting to having high overhead, was a huge challenge.

Coworking space in Indianapolis

Co-Working in Indianapolis to Work Better

As they continued to grow and build relationships across the construction sector, they realized they weren’t alone. On top of the physical space being the right size and right price, it was almost impossible to find a workspace that had any character to help build a culture.

With the investment in co-working space at Refinery46, the sole focus is a place to Work Better. That’s more than a tagline. As actual business owners, with a company located in the building, Jesse and Brian know that the space has to support better work or it becomes like any other office space.

If you are a growing business and want to find a tribe of hard working business owners in co-working in Indianapolis, come visit us at Refinery46.