Corporate Membership

Refinery46 offers larger businesses a great space for its team at a flat monthly rate, that gives your corporation a way to support the growing demand for flexibility and remote options, while keeping overhead costs low and predictable.

Many businesses have been challenged with how work will look after the pandemic. The growth of work-from-home during 2020 expedited changes around the future of work and how larger businesses leverage technology to allow greater flexibility for their teams. However some degree of face-to-face relationship is a necessity for many businesses.

At Refinery46, we’re offering a great solution for many businesses looking to bridge the gap to allow flexibility to its workforce, but support and stability for workers looking for a more professional environment that’s closer to home.


  • Over 10,000 square ft. of common area meeting space
  • Fresh brewed local coffee
  • Circle Kombucha on-tap
  • Lighting fast internet
  • Meeting rooms, Zoom rooms, Conference room
  • Covid-safe environment

Corporate Memberships

  • 90 Day Minimum Commitment
  • Flat rates ($250/month up to 5 members, $500/month up to 15, $1000/month up to 50) 

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